School of Engineering

University of Warwick

We’re delighted that Dr Yongmann M. Chung and PhD researcher Ben Harris are undertaking the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of the aerodynamics of the P301 car. Once ratified the results will be posted on the website.

Engineering and Science Excellence for 14-19 year olds in Birmingham

Aston University Engineering Academy

Thanks to Deputy Principal David Chapman and other AUEA staff the students produced a truly stunning laser cut model of the car as an industry project. They also visited RAF Cosford to view the Jaguar fighter aircraft and the Rolls Royce ADOUR engines to be fitted into the car

The Black Country Makerspace

Urban Hax

The crew at the Urban Hax makerspace have pulled out all the stops to build the car models using their fantastic 3D printers and computer modelling software. Great guys who just keep working!

Innovation partner

Digital Native Academy

As a digital innovation practice the team at Digital Native Academy have been instrumental in forging links with other partners and with academic institutions to help the project achieve its objectives.

Elite development studio


As creators of a wide range of digital services and bespoke solutions for its clients 3dnative has developed the Project 301 website and its social media tools so that it can reach and engage a global audience.

Creative digital media company

LearnPlay Foundation

As a creative digital media company, LearnPlay Foundation strives to make a difference to young people’s lives using games based technologies, innovative film development and unique branding designs. It is delighted to support Project 301 by exploiting its brand into digital and print based media.

Professional 3D printing made accessible


3D printing has been crucial to the car design process and has produced scale models for air flow analysis and also components (nose cone etc.) for larger scale models. And our Ultimaker 2 has produced first class 3D prints consistently and to a high degree of accuracy.